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Our Classrooms

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3 Months - 15 Months

We accommodate babies from 3 months to 15 months in our Baby Centre. We provide a happy, calm and clean environment for our little ones

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2-3 Years

The Ladybug Class  focuses on helping children learn to socialize and interact with each other.  Lesson plans include shapes, colors, numbers, art and science.  Toddlers will enjoy lots of hands-on learning through a variety of sensory activities and play. At this stage, Toddlers are becoming more independent and our teachers will help with practicing life skills, such as hand washing, potty training, sharing with friends and picking up toys.

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Llama Class

4-5 Years

In the Llama Class our focus is placed on language arts and math fundamentals to promote excitement about learning new concepts. For these active learners our lesson plans are filled with activities to help each child grow socially, intellectually and physically.  Language development includes story time to enrich their imaginations and teach listening and verbal interaction in the group setting. 

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1-2 years

Toddlers will enjoy lots of hands-on learning through a variety of play based and sensory activities. In our Bunny class the toddles follow more a formal daily routine. They also start to learn to be more independent.

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Bee Class

3-4 Years

In our Bee Class they get  introduced to cognitive skills and practice making decisions.  Weekly Themed based activities stimulate curiosity as the children learn valuable lessons about themselves and the world around them.  Art and music activities encourage individual expression.  Lesson plans include music & movement, creative art, story time, math, language and life-skills.

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Grade R Class

5-6 Years

Grade R is a very important age group as we prepare them for Grade 1  Offering a learning environment where students can learn social skills, problem-solving and so much more. We make use of the CAPS Curriculum, we also introduced Coding and Robotics to our curriculum.

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